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High Voltage Fuse H.R.C. XRNP Current-Limiting Fuses


High Voltage Fuse H.R.C. XRNP Current-Limiting Fuses

High-voltage current-limiting fuse for voltage transformer protection, XRNP type voltage transformer protection high-voltage current-limiting fuse . The design and construction of these fuses follow the well proven concepts of all high voltage fuses. They’re rated up to 40.5kV and comply to the following national and international standards: (DIN 43 625,BS 2692-1, ESI 12-8).

    Voltage: 3.6KV/7.2KV/10KV/20KV/24KV/35KV/40.5KV
    Current: 0.5-3.15A/5-25A
    Dimension: 25*195/25*354/25*465/51*192/51*510

    XRNP type high-voltage fuse is a reliable electrical protection device, mainly used in high-voltage power systems to protect power equipment and circuits from overloads, short circuits and other electrical faults. Our fuse material support Ceramic and Epoxy for your choice, special dimension, please send email to our sales. 

    XRNP type high voltage fuse has the following significant advantages

    High reliability: Made of high-quality materials and advanced technology, it has good arc resistance and high voltage resistance, ensuring the high reliability and safety of the equipment.
    Quick action: When an abnormality occurs in the circuit, the XRNP high-voltage fuse can quickly cut off the current and provide effective protection, thereby reducing equipment damage and the impact of system failures.
    Wide scope of application: XRNP high-voltage fuses are suitable for various high-voltage power systems and occasions, such as substations, power plants, industrial production lines, etc., providing flexible application options.
    Easy installation and maintenance: Exquisite design makes installation, debugging and maintenance convenient and fast, reducing usage and maintenance costs and providing customers with a better experience.
    Our XRNP type high voltage fuses undergo strict quality control and testing to ensure stable and reliable performance. We will continue to improve product quality and technical level to meet customer needs and expectations.

    If you are interested in our XRNP type high voltage fuses or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will wholeheartedly provide you with more detailed product information and professional technical support.

    SR fuses, with 30+ years of production experience, provide you with reliable products and superior services!