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Fuse Holder component for high voltage fuses

Fuse holder

Fuse Holder component for high voltage fuses

A high-voltage fuse holder is a device used to support and secure high-voltage fuses, commonly used in power systems and industrial equipment.


    Our high voltage fuses are critical safety devices designed specifically for high voltage power systems. They are widely used in power plants, substations, industrial equipment, and other large power systems to protect circuits from overcurrent and short-circuit faults. 
    We have different fuse bases for different sizes of fuses. 

    Suitable for 1.77'' (45mm)diameter, Sold in pairs.


    How to choose fuse holder

    1.Different fuse clips are used on different fuses. You need to confirm the size of your fuse first, which is the diameter of the contact clip.
    2.Confirm whether you need a fuse clip with a base plate. This will affect the product price. If you don't know, please directly send pictures of the product you are using.
    3.If you found that our fuse holder is different with what you’re using, You can provide product drawings, order more than 5000pcs, we can customize it for you.

    It is very important to choose the correct size, because this determines whether you can install it normally, if you are not sure, please contact sales to get the drawings and dimensions

    Why choose SR Fuse Clip

    SR Company is a company integrating production and research. In addition to fuse clips, we provide matching fuses. 30+ years of experience support us in using better materials than our peers, fuse clips made of red copper. Careful grinding process, smoother surface. The easy-to-install design provides customers with a convenient experience.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us immediately, we look forward to building a closer relationship with you, let us work together for a better future.