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Oil Fuse-Link, Medium Voltage, 63A, 254 x 63.5 mm


Oil Fuse-Link, Medium Voltage, 63A, 254 x 63.5 mm

Oil-immersed fuse is a device used to protect circuits, mainly to prevent overload and short circuit. When the current exceeds the rated value, the fuse wire in the fuse will melt and cut off the circuit, thereby protecting electrical equipment and circuits from damage. The advantages of oil-immersed fuses include high breaking capacity, strong reliability, suitable for high current and high voltage environments, and strong resistance to environmental pollution. It is commonly used in industrial and power systems to effectively protect equipment and personnel. It should be noted that the installation and maintenance of oil-immersed fuses require strict compliance with standards to ensure their normal operation and safety performance.


    This series of oil-tight medium voltage fuses are designed for use in oil-filled switchgear. They are suitable for transformer primary side protection and oil-filled switch combination devices. This type of fuse was the first of its kind in the UK. SR  has been in continuous production for nearly 30 years and is by far one of the most widely used machines of its kind in the world. More than 1 million SR oil-tight medium voltage fuses are in service.


    ● SR fuses support ceramic and epoxy material, white, brown color for ceramic, more colors for epoxy material, can meet the needs of various countries.
     The cover is made of high-quality copper, which has good electrical conductivity and fast fusing speed.
     Each part is made of selected high-quality raw materials in the industry. The entire product is smooth and burr-free, easy to install, and is preferred by mid-to-high-end customers.
    ● Well packaged, individually packed in foam boxes, three pieces per box to prevent shock damage.
    ● 30 years of brand support, 1 year warranty, one choice, lifelong trust.