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Factory Sale Porcelain Drop Out Fuse Cut Out


Factory Sale Porcelain Drop Out Fuse Cut Out

Drop-out fuse cut our, also known as a fuse switch, is a safety device used for circuit protection. It usually consists of fuse link and fuse holder to automatically cut off the circuit when the current is overloaded to prevent overheating and fire. Drop-out fuses can be installed in circuits to protect electrical equipment and circuits from overloads and short circuits. When selecting a drop-out fuse, you need to consider factors such as the rated voltage, rated current, and breaking capacity of the circuit to ensure that the appropriate model is selected to protect the circuit.


    SR drop-out Fuse Cut Out use high insulation ceramics, larger creepage distance, stronger insulation performance, anti-fouling and moisture resistance. The iron parts use hot-dip galvanizing process, which has strong anti-corrosion performance and can resist various harsh environments.


    SR Package

    Each Carton holds only 1 fuses, In addition, custom foam are placed under the ceramic to prevent damage to the ceramic due to impact..


    Customized services

    a.SR company supports product customization. You can display your logo on our products, or provide drawings and we will produce them for you.
    b.Carton customization, SR company supports customized carton services, monochrome or color, and size customization to express your brand characteristics.

    Test Report

    SR Company has 30+ years of production experience, provides type test reports and CE certificates. The factory passed ISO9001 very early, far ahead of its peers. 

    Why choose us

    SR company has professional technical team for technical consulting,our sales response inquiry in 24 hours, ensure the timeliness of your business. Regarding products, we always maintain a rigorous and dedicated attitude, do not use inferior materials, do not cut corners, and always provide customers with high-quality products.When you buy from SR Company, you not only get the product, but also a long-term, stable and reliable supplier.