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Fuse Link Wedge LV J type Slotted  JPU Fuse 82mm 92mm

J Slotted Wedge Fuse

Fuse Link Wedge LV J type Slotted JPU Fuse 82mm 92mm

Utility fuse-link, low voltage, 315 A, AC 415 V, BS88/J, 38 x 110 mm, gU, BS, type 7,82 mm/92mm fixed center.


    J-type fuses are mainly used to protect circuits from short circuits, overloads and overvoltages, prevent damage to electrical equipment and ensure safe operation. Usually, the product description of J-type fuse will include technical parameters such as rated current, rated voltage, fuse capacity, fuse size and installation method.


    This low-voltage British standard fuse is used for low-voltage circuit protection and is used with the matching fuse-carrier. JPU sizes are divided into 82mm and 92mm, suitable for different size installation conditions. The contact parts at both ends of our fuse are made of high-quality copper material to provide better conductivity, and the exterior is tin-plated to prevent air contact from causing rapid oxidation and rust. Made with a special process, the surface of our fuses is smooth and shiny. The ceramic part in the middle is made of pure white high-strength ceramic. The surface is smooth and free of impurities, providing a better use experience.
    SR fuses comply with CE certification. In order to prevent transportation damage, 5 fuses are packed in each inner box, with foam cushioning underneath, and another carton is used to pack all the inner boxes into one box. Three layers of protection provide customers with better quality assurance.


    ● High breaking capacity: J-type fuses have high breaking capacity and can effectively protect circuits from short circuits and overloads.
    ● Reliability: J-type fuses are designed to be reliable and durable, maintaining stability and performance over long periods of use.
    ● Safety: Proper selection and installation of J-type fuses can ensure safe operation of the circuit and prevent equipment damage and personal injury.
    ● Easy to install and replace: J-type fuses are typically designed to be easy to install and replace, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
    ● Various specifications: J-type fuses can meet various circuit protection needs according to different current levels and specifications.