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NH Series Low Voltage Fuse Links, Fuse Base and Fuse-Disconnectors

NH Fuse

NH Series Low Voltage Fuse Links, Fuse Base and Fuse-Disconnectors

NH fuse is a type of fuse usually used in power systems to protect electrical equipment from abnormal conditions such as overload or short circuit. This kind of fuse is usually used in AC circuits and DC circuits with a rated voltage below 690V.


    NH fuses (also known as NH Knife Blade Fuses or DIN NH Blade Fuses) were defined in the German DIN standard 43620 around 1944. They were primarily designed as general purpose fuses for the protection of conductors. NH fuses are one-time fuses, meaning once they have blown, they must be replaced with a new fuse with the same characteristics.

    NH Fuse Construction.
    NH fuses are constructed from a rectangular ceramic casing enclosed by a cover plate that features a metal blade style terminal on each end. The fuse element inside the casing is connected to the cover plate / blade terminals. The majority of NH Fuses have a trip indicator to show if the fuse element has blown. Each cover plate includes a metal extraction lug that enables quick removal of the fuse from a holder when using the recomended NH fuse puller tool.

    How to choose NH fuse?

    1.Physical Dimensions
      Choose the correct size, NH00, NH1,NH2,NH3,NH4.
    2.Electrical Ratings
    Select a rated voltage equal to or greater than the rated voltage, and the current you require, too high or too low current cannot effectively protect the circuit.
    3.Fuse Base or Fuse Disconnector, we supply both of them, 1pole-4poles, choose the correct one you need.

    Where can I buy NH Fuses?

    Our factory has rich experience in producing NH series fuses. The products have passed CE and can be sold to EU countries. High-quality ceramics and high-quality copper provide better quality.  SR brand gives you reliable products and better customer service.
    Here’re our product specifications, if any questions, please contact us on Whatsapp/ Email.