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low voltage fuse striker

Low Voltage Fuse Striker

low voltage fuse striker

This series of fuse alarms is suitable for use as a fuse signal/alarm in electrical circuits with AC 50Hz and rated voltage up to 1000V.

    This series of fuse alarms consists of the following three parts:

    1. Fuse the impact body

    2. Micro switch (contacts are one normally open and one normally closed)

    3. Supports fuse impact body and base for micro switch

    The fuse alarm is generally connected in parallel under the fixing screws of the cover plates at both ends of the fuse. When the fuse is blown, the fuse impactor will act immediately, eject the striker, push the micro switch, send a signal or automatically switch the circuit. The distance between the upper and lower fixed (contact) ends of the base can be adjusted within a certain range to adapt to the parallel connection (fixing) of fuse links of different heights.